Our Mission

The CREEC is the evaluation committee of Creative Technology. Together with students and other committees we secure the quality of the education given within the bachelor of Creative Technology. This is done via evaluation groups. Though these evaluation groups CREEC wants to point out the good aspects, but also the negative aspects of the module given. This to improve the quality of the education for students, but also provides a useful feedback for the teachers. The committee consists of circa 5 students who will do the evaluations. Every module is graded 2 times during the module and 1 time afterwards. Participation will be rewarded with a free lunch.

Organization Chart

CREEC Members

Hi! Together, we are forming the evaluation committee. Are you interested in our individual stories? Then take a look below!

Yasmin Salce

Julia Pühl


Thijs Berends

Hi there! My name is Thijs Berends, a CreaTe-student since 2015. I believe that education can only be improved by really listening to the people who experience it. The CREEC aims to do this as much as possible, which is why I decided to join.

Tom Onderwater

Hi there! My name is Tom Onderwater and I am a CreaTe student since 2013. I have always loved the study and I wanted to give something back to it. That is why I joined the CREEC so we can make it better for you!

Luuk van Kessel

Hello there! My name is Luuk van Kessel and I am a CreaTe student since 2014. I joined the Creec because I want CreaTe to keep improving and growing in the future, as I find it a great study.

Do you want to join the CREEC? Don’t hesitate to contact us!